Important Safety Information

Dry ice (CO2) is solidified carbon dioxide. As the temperature goes up and/or the time grows longer, bacteria double – and re-double. Faster and faster. If they double too many times, they will destroy the flavor of your product. To slow down the growth of bacteria, keep the temperature of your product at 38 degrees or lower.


Dry ice is extremely cold (-109° F; -78.5° C).


Avoid contact with skin and eyes as it may cause cold burns after just few seconds.


Dry ice is an asphyxiant; it liberates heavy gas, which may cause suffocation in unventilated areas.


Keep out of reach
of children.


Do not seal in glass or other tightly closed containers.


Do not enter areas where dry ice is used or stored until area is properly ventilated.


Use gloves when handling dry ice.


Must be 18 or older to purchase dry ice.


Dry ice should not be consumed orally.

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