Food Processing and Distribution

Never fail to deliver – that is the credo that we follow at Capitol Carbonic. For our food processing and distribution customers, this is a vital quality that they depend on for their refrigeration needs. Our location and distributor partnerships along the East Coast allow us to offer unparalleled customized service. Whether on-site at your premises, via regular delivery, or even in an emergency situation, Capitol will handle the logistics of keeping your product at the correct temperature for your desired length of time.


Continuous 24-hour emergency


Customized packaging options
for any transport


State-of-the-art polyethylene insulated container options


Cost-efficient customized programs for specific industries

Biotech, Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Shipping

Dry ice products offer the portability and dependability required for the transport of high-cost and high-value temperature-sensitive products. Capitol’s decades of experience in the testing, packing and shipping of materials and products make our company the ideal choice for research labs, medical labs, hospitals and biotech companies.


Continuous 24-hour emergency service


Customized packaging options for any transport


Cost-efficient customized programs for specific industrie

Cleaning and Maintenance

Dry ice blasting, also referred to as CO2 blasting and dry ice cleaning, is a form of non-residual blasting where pressurized solid CO2 in the form of pellets hit the surface to be cleaned. The impact causes a micro-thermal shock that converts the dry ice pellets to an expanding harmless gas, which forces the dirt/contaminate from the surface. We guarantee fresh ice to our customers within a 3 hour window. Contact our sales team for details.



Environmentally Safe

It is an environmentally safe alternative to sand and water blasting because the dry ice sublimates to a vapor after the cleaning process is complete. The need for chemical and/or hazardous solvents is eliminated.

Cost Efficient

Dry ice blasting is more cost efficient – it can be performed in-place without disassembling equipment, preventing downtime; it reduces labor costs with its time-saving processes and thorough results; and it requires only the disposal of the contaminant once the blasting is completed.

Safe on all components

The blasting process is non-abrasive and removes dirt/contaminants without damaging the surface or more intricate components such as wires, switches, belts, etc. It is also safe around electrical components.

Uses & Applications

  • Automotive
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Food Processing
  • Foundry
  • Mold Remediation
  • Parts Molding and Forming
  • Printing/Plating
  • Restoration (Fire/Historical)

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